Commercial Litigation



Individuals and businesses lose their hard-earned money through stolen trade secrets, self-dealing business partners, broken contracts, and outright fraud. Often, the wrongdoers fight these claims with frivolous countersuits and delay tactics, all designed to raise the cost of litigation to force a settlement for a fraction of the claim’s true value. Winning fair compensation in these cases requires an experienced attorney and a plan for controlling the monthly costs, so you can fight to the end.

Rob Rickner has experience litigating fraud cases, trade secret claims, securities fraud and shareholder derivative actions, breach of contract claims, and civil racketeering (RICO) claims. He has represented ordinary people, small businesses, multi-national corporations, and municipalities, in both state and federal court. He knows how to draft complaints that survive a motion to dismiss, he knows how to build a case in discovery, and he knows how to make defendants pay what they owe.

Rob also knows that the cost of ongoing litigation is a powerful weapon for defendants. So Rickner PLLC works with clients to control out-of-pocket costs through strategy, flat-rate pricing for motions, outsourcing labor-intensive discovery, securing litigation funding, and by taking select cases on both full and partial contingency. Paying for a lawsuit is an important part of winning a lawsuit, and Rickner PLLC works with clients to develop a plan that lets them push the case until they secure a fair recovery, whether through settlement or trial.