Daily News Article About Rickner PLLC Inmate Assault Lawsuit

The Daily News published an article about a recent case filed by Rickner PLLC. The Bureau of Prisons failed to protect an inmate in federal prison from a brutal assault by another inmate, despite knowing that the assailant was a violent criminal with untreated mental health issues.

The United States of America must protect inmates in its prisons, and we are proud to have the opportunity to litigate this important civil rights issue.

Prison staff did nothing as MS-13 member pummeled inmate: suit

Rob Rickner Quoted on Internet Privacy

Rob Rickner serves as the general counsel of Gibberfish, a Vermont-based nonprofit that provides secure web-based software to other non-profits, activists, and public service organizations. Gibberfish was recently the focus of an article in Seven Days, a weekly Vermont paper.

The article is here

The article is largely positive. But there were some well reasoned criticisms from other security experts. So we wrote a blog post addressing them.