Civil Rights



Police Misconduct

Police misconduct cases are not ordinary personal injury cases. Powerful city officials, police unions, and even the President think that police officers can do no wrong. Winning these cases requires a deep understanding of the Constitution, state law, police procedures and the federal court system.

Rob Rickner has successfully litigated cases for clients who have spent hours, weeks, and even decades in prison because the police lied, fabricated evidence, coerced confessions, and intimidated witnesses – helping those clients recover millions. And he is ready to bring claims for malicious prosecution, denial of a fair trial, false arrest, and excessive force against police officers who violated your civil rights.

All police misconduct cases are taken on contingency, so clients do not pay any legal fees unless they win a recovery.

Free Speech

In New York, defamation suits are increasingly used to silence board members, advocates, and ordinary people who speak out against powerful business interests. These suits are used to silence critics, or as a preemptive strike to distract from the real fraud.

Rob Rickner has significant experience defending against these abusive lawsuits and is willing to negotiate both flat rates and hourly rates so that you can afford to fight, rather than being forced to capitulate.